We offer a wide selection of products to suit all uses and work environments. Our solid tyres are specially designed to perform for the work our customers do in order to provide superior function and safety to all of Li Xin Rubber customers.

Wearable Solid Tire


  • The u-shape design on the outer surface minimizes the amount of tyre in contact with the ground. This tyre offers lower rolling resistance and longer tyre life.
  • The tyre base is made from highly elastic rubber to cushion jolts and vibrations.
  • The unique body design provides greater control and flexibility.

Useful for…

  • Longer distances with lighter loads.
Tyre Specifications Height(±2%) Width(±1%) Weight Loading Add to Enquiry Form
500-8 460mm 128mm 17.2kg 1100
600-9 545mm 160mm 30kg 1420
650-10 580mm 167mm 37.2kg 1800
700-12 670mm 180mm 50.2kg 2240
600-15 700mm 160mm 42.5kg 3500
815-15 715mm 211mm 63kg 3500
28*9-15 715mm 211mm 63kg 3500
750-16 804mm 188mm 73.3kg 4000
825-15 830mm 234mm 99.3kg 3700
300-15 830mm 299mm 123.7kg 4410
1100-20 1042mm 254mm 168.2kg 5600
18*7-8 460mm 172mm 23kg 1680
21*8-9 530mm 192mm 36kg 2120
23*9-10 584mm 220mm 49kg 3000