About Us

Li Xin Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd., formally started as Sheng Cheng Tire Shop in 1999, an agent of various branded solid tires, for offering supporters high quality products, higher production capacity, prompt lead time and competitive prices; in 2013, we set up our Li Xin Rubber Industrial Co., Ldt. locating in middle Taiwan, the manufacturer of professional industrial solid tires.

Experience over decades from being an agent, service from ordering, delivering, installation and after sales service, we offer completed thoughtful quality serving system and organization. We strictly control the quality of every step service, from material ordering to production and finish products, we ensure stable high quality for every step of our supplying.

Solid tire usage suitable range
Diesel stacker / Electric stacker / Forklift / Loading machine / Construction engineering vehicles / Trailers / Industrial vehicles / Special vehicles / cars. (Li Xin Solid tires accept customized to fit with your steel wheels.)